Cheat Days Are Not Binge Days.

Good evening. 

It’s been a weird day, actually a weird start to the year.  It’s a shame I can’t rant on here about the happenings, but let’s just say Monday blues got me down everyday. 

So, how do I come to work with a positive, happy mindset? Because let’s be honest, working in the service industry means we have to put on an act to convince people we are the happiest people alive.  The only way I can ever tell if I am coming across like this is when my tips reflect positively. 

The truth is, to my coworkers, I most likely come across as negative, moody and frustrated.  I know though, that my guests don’t see that side.  It’s practically the same for every server in my opinion, mainly because it’s so tiring to keep smiling for 3-6 hours straight.  

I really don’t know what keeps me going… maybe it’s the Rockstar… or maybe it’s more the fact I’m going to burn my anger of at the gym and feel good again.  

I just thought, I havent updated you guys on how well I’ve been doing.  Not very good right now is the analysis.  I lost 19 (not 20) lbs so far. My original weight was 175 and I got down to 156. Pretty exciting huh? So exciting in fact that I decided it was a great idea to have 2 cheat days. Not regular cheat days either, the kind where you eat a million things and gain 2lbs each meal kind of cheat day.  So I’m pretty sure I’m back to 160, which sucks.  I really need to treat dieting like my money.  Save it until my vacations.  THATS IT! What a great idea… it’ll be my reward after losing what I want to loose. I eventually want to get down to 140, with everything toned. So I guess that being said, lets loose another 20lbs! I got this! 

Right now my routine has got to this;

1.Walk 3 miles with puppy at 7am-8am

2. Go to work

3. Go to gym, do either leg, arm or ab workout and 45min cardio

4. Go home, clean.

5. Complete 30min of Yoga.

6. Sleep.

Great routine right?? Just need to convince my brain its a good idea to eat right too. Like really brain? You have to know by now that cheat days don’t mean binge everything and regret your decisions later.

Sleep well young souls.

Peace out, yo.