If I Was a Finacial Advisor…

If I was a finacial advisor I would advise the following:

1. Take a look at your monthly payments.  For example, are you paying for the following: car insurace, car payments, health insurance, phone bill, phone insurance, rent, gym membership, pet insurance, netflix, etc etc… When calculating this, don’t add any of your debts to the list (no credit cards etc). I actually pay for everything on this list and added altogether it comes to a grand total of $1,165. Not bad. 

2. Work out how you will pay your bills.  If you get a check monthly this will be easy for you than it is for me.  If it is the same every month it’ll be even easier.  If it is the same all you need to do is take away the total of the money you need for bills from your check.  What do you have left? Save that amount for later steps. If the amount you make changes every month, figure out a minimum income you think you make and take your bills away from that amount. Money left? Save for later steps. Finally, if you make money daily/weekly/biweekly, like me, you’ll have to figure out how much of each increment you want to put back for bills.  For example, My biweekly check I take a 168 and put into bills. I then estimate my daily tip average/minimum to about 50 a work shift. So to make up the remainder of my bills I put 200 a week of tips back. Thats 4 working shifts a week.  

3.What to do with the extra cash? Now it’s time to look at what debts you need to pay. Grab some envelopes and write down each one.  Examples: credit card, borrowed money, debt collector stuff etc. Put on each envolope the amount you need to save to pay it off. Put your envolopes in priority order. Say to yourself that you will use half of the extra cash you make and put it into the envolopes until they are paid off. The other half of the extra cash is for what ever you want. If you are really knuckling down then you could put 100% into savings but don’t forget you need gas, food etc so make sure you are taking care of yourself too!

Obviously things arent as easy as what I wrote but if you have any questions that I can maybe help with let me know. I am not a professional but with money I am pretty on it haha. 

Peace out, yo.


5 Important Things About Anxiety

Slowing down on my posts recently because I said everything all at one time and stopped having things to say!

My post today is about dealing with anxiety. I won’t go too much into detail, but here are some things I think are important to know.

1. Having anxieties are normal.  They really are, everyone has them and everyone has different ones at different intensities. It’s really important to know this because if you suffer with some sort of anxiety and you think you know exactly what it’s like to have anxiety, then you are wrong.  See, you may suffer with a panic attack disorder, which means you can’t breathe, need time to sit, feel like you’re dying and that the world is crumbling down around you.  The person next to you though is suffering with OCD (which also has unique and different tendencies), where they either feel like everything needs to be clean, they themselves need to be clean, everything needs to have a place, so on and so forth. As I said, different. That being said, if you do have some sort of anxiety and someone is trying to help you deal with it by using their experiences, it is pretty important to listen to them.  They may have something that will work for you too and although they may not understand completely what you are going through, they have definitely felt similar.

2. Be patient.  If you have a friend with anxiety or depression it’s important you are there when they need you and you are patient.  They may do things you don’t understand.  For example, they may have a job that involves talking to people all day, but when you invite them out they say no because of their social anxiety. This isn’t them making up excuses. Try to understand why exactly they don’t want to go and work with it.  If you really are their friend, you will figure out a way to hang or be social with them, in a way they feel comfortable. 

3. Be proud. Tell your friend that you are amazed at how far they’ve come, encourage them and be connected with them. I have a great friend that does this for me a lot. She recognises the stuff I’ve achieved and congratulates me in a way that encourages me to continue. 

4. Its not attention seeking. These anxieties are not attention seeking. Although some may bring attention to themselves while it is happening, it definitely does not benefit the person involved to be noticed doing what they are doing. I do not find comfort in people coddling me when I am having a panic attack. I am hyperventilating unattractively, turning pale and crying.  Gross.

5. This is not a one time thing.  We also won’t grow out of it (I’m sure there are some cases where they do). This goes for those with them or trying to help someone with them. Unfortunately it doesnt go away overnight. We have to live with it everyday. So if you are one of those people who comment saying “oh gosh, not again” then please kindly step out of our lives.  Remember, this isnt a choice. 

I hope this post comes in handy for you and helps you realize, you are not alone. 

Peace out, yo.

Financial Happiness.

The picture has nothing to do with my blog… it’s just that I’m writing this in my bath haha. 

I am getting straight into this one, because I find it highly important to embrace your financial situation. 

No matter what your job is, do it with pride and do it well. 

Growing up was different for me than it was for everyone else. This is because I am me, and you are you. Everyone has had a completely different upbringing and most of you should be accepting and thankful. 

I grew up not having a lot, but having a lot. Huh? What? I’m serious though, I didn’t really have the finacial status with my mum to be buying fancy clothes etc, but I had a great financial situation with my dad overseas which helped me get the necessary stuff I needed to grow up.  Mainly school stuff like laptops, books etc. We had enough funds to afford a roof, a car, food and gas. At that time, it was plenty enough.  

Then I began working, immediately appreciating the money I recieved.  Honestly, probably wasting the majority the first couple pay checks, but after I definitely looked after it.  When I discovered a regular income I set myself up for success, organizing my money as it came it.  I managed to move out, pay my own bills and have a great social life at 18. 

I love that I am good with money and although I put myself down ALOT about my savings and get stressed when things pop up that I can’t really afford, I am proud of myself.  

Today was a good day money wise.  I got paid, which is always good, and had enough to start my savings up again.  My bank is great and lets me open mini accounts within my main one. I can then distribute my money into these accounts. As of right now, I have a ‘bills’, ’emergency’, ‘vacation’, ‘house’ and ‘retire’. All my money goes into my checking and that’s when I move it into these accounts.  My car payment and credit card are also done through this bank so it’s super easy to do my transfers too!

As a server it is difficult to depend on tips for your financial figures.  One thing I like to do is imagine the lowest I could possibly get that day and when I get more I save it! For example, as of right now I have split up my bills so that 165 of my check (which happens twice a month) goes in and 200 a week from tips goes in.  This means I need 50 bucks a day in tips to be able to afford my monthly bills. Anything extra I make goes towards savings accounts. As of now I am using the rest of my pay checks towards the house, retire and emergency accounts and using the remaining tips to pay off my credit card and eventually save for my vacations. 

Its probably super confusing to read that, its very hard to explain writing it down. The reason I am telling you this, is that maybe you can , if you are strugglingwith finances, use it to help yourself! All you need to do is designate all your money to one place. It would be even easier if I knew how much I was definitely getting every month.

Prioritize aswell people! I said no to a lot of things this week that I knew would cost me a tonne. I want fun vacations and I wont let people convince me to spend money I don’t need to!

Anyway, stay strong people. If you want to do something, then do it.  The only person holding you back is yourself. 

Peace out, yo.