Financial Happiness.

The picture has nothing to do with my blog… it’s just that I’m writing this in my bath haha. 

I am getting straight into this one, because I find it highly important to embrace your financial situation. 

No matter what your job is, do it with pride and do it well. 

Growing up was different for me than it was for everyone else. This is because I am me, and you are you. Everyone has had a completely different upbringing and most of you should be accepting and thankful. 

I grew up not having a lot, but having a lot. Huh? What? I’m serious though, I didn’t really have the finacial status with my mum to be buying fancy clothes etc, but I had a great financial situation with my dad overseas which helped me get the necessary stuff I needed to grow up.  Mainly school stuff like laptops, books etc. We had enough funds to afford a roof, a car, food and gas. At that time, it was plenty enough.  

Then I began working, immediately appreciating the money I recieved.  Honestly, probably wasting the majority the first couple pay checks, but after I definitely looked after it.  When I discovered a regular income I set myself up for success, organizing my money as it came it.  I managed to move out, pay my own bills and have a great social life at 18. 

I love that I am good with money and although I put myself down ALOT about my savings and get stressed when things pop up that I can’t really afford, I am proud of myself.  

Today was a good day money wise.  I got paid, which is always good, and had enough to start my savings up again.  My bank is great and lets me open mini accounts within my main one. I can then distribute my money into these accounts. As of right now, I have a ‘bills’, ’emergency’, ‘vacation’, ‘house’ and ‘retire’. All my money goes into my checking and that’s when I move it into these accounts.  My car payment and credit card are also done through this bank so it’s super easy to do my transfers too!

As a server it is difficult to depend on tips for your financial figures.  One thing I like to do is imagine the lowest I could possibly get that day and when I get more I save it! For example, as of right now I have split up my bills so that 165 of my check (which happens twice a month) goes in and 200 a week from tips goes in.  This means I need 50 bucks a day in tips to be able to afford my monthly bills. Anything extra I make goes towards savings accounts. As of now I am using the rest of my pay checks towards the house, retire and emergency accounts and using the remaining tips to pay off my credit card and eventually save for my vacations. 

Its probably super confusing to read that, its very hard to explain writing it down. The reason I am telling you this, is that maybe you can , if you are strugglingwith finances, use it to help yourself! All you need to do is designate all your money to one place. It would be even easier if I knew how much I was definitely getting every month.

Prioritize aswell people! I said no to a lot of things this week that I knew would cost me a tonne. I want fun vacations and I wont let people convince me to spend money I don’t need to!

Anyway, stay strong people. If you want to do something, then do it.  The only person holding you back is yourself. 

Peace out, yo.


Good Morning From JBJ

Hello there! Its 7am on a rainy Friday morning, and guess where I am? You got it, the gym. Its nice to be able to write a quick blog while I am limping along on the treadmill. 

Thats right, I am STILL in pain from my leg workout 3 days ago! Its okay though, They feel significantly better, and I’m able to up my speed on my ‘walking machine of wonders’. You’re probably wondering how I messed up my legs so bad, but before I get there, lets talk about my fitness structure when I began working out. 

I mentioned beforehand that I do a 3 mile walk in the morning, which to be fair to myself, is more like a hike. This takes me around an hour. Thats workout number 1. In case of rain, I go to the gym and do a good 3 miles on that ‘wonders’ machine I talked about. Then I go to work, pretty much doubling my step intake, so technically, thats workout number 2. To top it of to a close 20,000 steps (which I don’t hit everyday), I go to the gym and use my guest pass at Chuze to bring a friend. Number 3. 

What do I do at the gym? Before my strength training, all I did was hop on the treadmill. Which, if you have the targets I have, of backpacking and running 5ks, is a great way to start. On the other hand, if you are looking to loose weight fast (recommend NOT doing), then this machine is not for you. It has helped me spread out my gradual weight loss, pushing at a 20,000 step goal using my fitbit. I occasionally pump up the speed, which with my legs how they are now – not very fast, to a light jog/run. Let me emphazie that running on a treadmill is definitely NOT the same as running on regular ground haha. It is a lot more strenuous. After finding out that little detail, I am for sure waiting until I can run on my ‘walking wonder’ before I venture outside again. 

After getting my schedule on a steady routine, which took a couple months, I finally started my strength training. Was super excited, until the next day that is. I decided it was a great idea to make myself do a circuit of 30 jumping jacks, 10 weight squats and 20 weightless lunges and then repeat them 3 times. Also adding abs to the mix with russian twists, a lying down bicycle and a few short planks, I was to say the least, in much pain and exhausted. 

The next day was so painful, that i literally couldnt walk. So yeah, my advice to you, is dont jump into countless squats and lunges until youve trained your legs a little more. Especially if you’re a server! I found also that doing a soft walk twice a day loosened up the pain a little, along with multiple piping hot baths. I heard a lot said about Creatine? Excuse me if I spelt that wrong. Maybe I’ll tty this stuff next time! Being low on funds means I can’t go all out with products. But my finacial stuff is for another blog.

Good luck with your Friday guys!

Peace out, yo.

My Motivation 

I guess WordPress is easier than the other website I tried to use. This one is so convenient that I can write a quick blog before I go to bed!

Just wanted to quickly talk about my motivation with starting my new lifestyle before I jump into my slumber.

By the way!!! I am in no means a health expert, fitness trainer or doctor. I literally get my information online, from other health nuts or from experience.

I honestly have been binge dieting and trying out multiple diets that suit me best. I guess this was a good way of sorting through the best situation for me. If you ask me about a diet, I bet you I’ve tried it, or thought about it.

The one that has always stuck by me is, eat what you want but eat it in moderation. I know its frustrating to get a plate of food in front of you and not eat it all…so don’t put it in front of you. Put half of it in a box if you have to, but most importantly, don’t order large meals in the first place! At the moment I’m addicted to protein bars and salads. I only eat small 200 calorie snacks and small salads from work.  If i want more dressing, ill have more dressing, i just make sure it’s in my calorie range. If I’m not working I’ll make an omelette. Yummers!   Oh and of course water.  If you don’t drink a lot of water like me, I’m pretty sure, after getting a good healthy lifestyle going, you’ll feel very dehydrated and in need of some.  

Getting onto my motivation to keep it up, i use a thing called Fitbit. I don’t think I could express my love for this thing enough. It not only logs my calories, it counts my steps, helps me challenge my friends, keep track of my workouts, uses a GPS to track hikes, motivates me to drink water, syncs up to my scales to log my weight loss/gain and there are so many other features to use! I love this thing, but I do recommend you think about which one you get before you purchase! I went through quite a few before i found the one. I use a Charge 2 and it’s great.  

Another great saying I heard the other day was ‘Don’t go to the gym and go home to ruin all your hard work with bad food, it’s counter productive’. 

Well, until tomorrow! Goodnight. 

Peace out, yo.

Goals & Beginnings

Okay… Here it goes.

Before I start I just want everyone to know that I am, definitely, NOT a writer. So I want to apologize for any grammar/spelling/errors that you may come across. It’s not my fault I’m a dumby at this stuff.

While writing that, my computer, politely corrected some silly mistakes I made already, at least this thing is on my side!

So, for those of you who don’t know me, or we are only acquaintances, my name is Jacky. I guess it’s pretty obvious from the name of the blog… I am a bartender/server/shift leader at one of my local restaurants and I am making this blog in order to express my feelings/achievements/failures while changing the way I live. When I say ‘changing the way I live’, I mean that I am trying to live better. Whether that’s travelling more, being more positive or adding exercise and eating healthier. My overall goal is to be a healthier, happier individual. 

It is the new year of 2017 and I am flooding with goals. Here are some of them.

1. To be able to go backpacking with my boyfriend.

2. To be able to go on my first 5k/10k and ACTUALLY RUN IT.

3. Loose an overall of 30lbs.

4. Keep a regular routine, so that I can maintain my weight.

5. Get abs.

6. Get some definition in my arms and legs.

7. Make my legs pretty again.

8. Take my dog on more walks.

9. Take as little as possible of anxiety medication.

10. Motivate people.

If you are following me on Facebook/Instagram already, then you probably know that I have already been working at my goals for 3 months already. That’s right people, I began during the holidays. Probably the most difficult times to try a healthier lifestyle. Not only are there temptations up the ying yang, but you are surrounded by bad influences and spending money that you essentially don’t really need to, which increases your stress levels. I am SOOOO proud of myself for powering through Christmas. It was an uplifting experience that I would recommend! 

What was the point that I decided I wanted to change things up?

Well, Thanksgiving day I guess. I had been going through the majority of 2016 thinking about loosing weight. It wasn’t until that day that it finally hit home. I had been working so much and not being that social, that I didn’t realize how much weight I had really gained. I was going through my closet on thanksgiving day, trying to find something pretty to wear, naturally going to my dresses. I tried on one, and literally got stuck in it. I couldn’t get it off and I nearly cried. I then continued to throw it in the trash and grab a couple more dresses, the same size, and tossed them too. After eating tons of food, drowning myself in my sorrows, I was done. I was done with feeling bloated, overweight, groggy and not fitting into the clothes I loved.

What is great for me is that my schedule stays pretty much the same, so when I sat down to write a fitness regime, it wasn’t that difficult. What was difficult was using my ‘sit on the couch and watch tv’ time. I honestly hated thinking about giving up my lazy time. Trying hard to think of things I could put in its place, I finally came up with a great idea. I would wake up extra early, before work, and go for a walk with my puppy. It was a great way to start. I knew, after experience, that going on binge diets, or doing spurts of over exercise, was not the way to go. I knew I had to start slow, so this walk was a perfect start. 

After a couple weeks of doing the same 3 mile walk at 6am in the morning, I felt more energized and awake than I have ever been. My dad, like me, was amazed that I was waking up so early. I have never been an early morning person. To be honest, I felt like this was helping me snap out of my morning moodiness. I was excited to wake up in the morning and walk to my local 7 eleven. I think this also helped too. Having a goal place to walk to, helped me stay motivated to walk the full 3 miles. I wouldn’t eat before I left, so I needed to get to the store to be able to have my breakfast. I also had an addiction to energy drinks. This walk slowly helped me decrease my intake in those. One of the main reasons for that is, I was walking in the Winter months, so holding a cold beverage in my hand felt horrible! Also it would flatten really quick and started to taste gross by just 10 minutes of walking. I felt like I was wasting my money. That’s when I switched up to the 5 hour energy and finally stopped altogether when, for Christmas, my man got me a Camelback water bottle. Now, the only bad thing I drink, is a single Malibu and Diet Coke when I feel like being ‘bad’. 

Now, 3 months later, I am working out at Chuze fitness almost twice a day (once if I make it on my walk – which its been raining lately so I haven’t) and even started strength training 2 days ago! Got to say, I have never felt more pain in my legs than the past couple days aha… I literally walk like a 100+ year old lady with hip problems. 

I’ve been having a lot of different feedback / advice. The biggest advice I can give to anyone though is, do what works best for you and listen to your body. Don’t force yourself to do something you’re not happy with, you’re supposed to enjoy your life, not hate it. 

I guess I should cut this short, because nobody likes reading a big chunky blog (even though it is pretty chunky already…). I would love to have questions and comments, so feel free to message me etc. 

Peace out, yo.