Vacations and Money

I guess I’m finally realizing the amount of things I’ve said yes to this year… to say the least, I’m terrified and excited at the same time. 

Not only do my boyfriend and i have 3 vacations being planned, but we are also going to 3 weddings.  Im pretty certain there will be small random camping trips in the midst of this year too. 

Where am I going? What am I doing?

As of now we have 3 weddings, all in different places but thankfully 2 of them are near by.  My best friend is coming from England and meeting us in Florida for her wedding! Pretty damn exciting to be able to see another one of my besties tie the knott. 

The vacation parts are obviously Florida, Arizona and possibly the Yosemite. If you have tried to book the Yosemite before you should know how difficult it is, so not only are we dealing with money saving but also trying to book the damn sites. My other bestie from England is joining us for that trip too which is awesome. 

I’m scared because I always feel like I’m catching up on myself for savings and money related stuff, so to literally put a 3rd away of all my income towards vacations and weddings is a scary thought.  

Right now I’m on a money saving mission.  I refuse to go out with friends because I’m usually the one who pays (100% my fault). This has actually benefited on my diet too. I’ve also knuckled down on spending money on stupid stuff from wallmart. Bad habits. 

Today is actually my payday and I’m excited because 100% of my paycheck goes towards either a bill, or savings account.  You may remember that I’m a server too so my tips get given to me on a daily, which also, unless I have something I’m in desperate need of (usually food related or gas money), ill put all of that money away too.

As of now, for some of you this will sound miniscule, but I have put away 100 in each of my savings accounts.  This is before my paycheck today too. It really does make me feel great to be saving.  I often just log into my bank on my app just to look and be proud of myself.  Weird I  know.  

I really wanted my posts to benefit people in a positive way and would really like some feedback on what I should talk about and if theres anything that sounds interesting to you that you need more info on. So please don’t hesitate to comment, message or contact me and I will be happy to help!

Peace out, yo.


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