Remember Your Achievements

Literally forcing myself to write something today because all thats on my mind is our dog. I guess writing about her or even talking about her brings me this stress of not being there when it happened or bringing back the memories of seeing the lacerations etc. For those of you who don’t know, Mini, our rat terrier mix got into a brawl with our other dog, which happens to be a chocolate lab. Mini didn’t win and in turn had to go to the emergency vet for surgery because the lacerations around her neck were so bad. 

I think, honestly, thats all I want to touch on about that today. As I said, talking and discussing the happenings of that night really does bring back bad stress. 

One thing before I leave this topic is that, family can be very important in these times. My father and step mum were there for us 100% and I can’t thank them enough. When things like this happen it brings everyone around you closer, for support and strength. So hold on to the ones you love, they will always be there for you and its important that you let them. 

Also don’t forget insurance guys. You have no idea what you’re in for when getting a pet until something like this happens.

Gym, gym, gym. Got to say with everything thats been going on I am going strong at the gym still. I’m happy to say I am not struggling with my strength training anymore. My circuits are becoming easier, which I guess means I should increase some weights. Its leg day today, which scares me after the last time when I killed them. 

I almost made it a whole gym session with shorts on the day before yesterday! Proud moment. I’m constantly worrying about what I look like, so I ended up taking them off, but I did have them on for half of the time I was in there! The fact my legs jiggle when I’m running (even though its totally normal) just freaks me out. I’m sure I’ll get over this hurdle of self confidence soon. 

I’ve also managed to run my fastest this week at a level 7.1 on the treadmill. I did it for a few minutes and even had my friend record me haha. Things like this help me remember that I am improving… that even though I am harsh on myself the majority of the time, that I am doing so much better than what I started with a few months ago. 

Just keep remembering the things you’ve achieved guys, don’t be hard on yourself, and keep it up! You’ll reach your goal soon enough!

Peace out, yo!


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