My Motivation 

I guess WordPress is easier than the other website I tried to use. This one is so convenient that I can write a quick blog before I go to bed!

Just wanted to quickly talk about my motivation with starting my new lifestyle before I jump into my slumber.

By the way!!! I am in no means a health expert, fitness trainer or doctor. I literally get my information online, from other health nuts or from experience.

I honestly have been binge dieting and trying out multiple diets that suit me best. I guess this was a good way of sorting through the best situation for me. If you ask me about a diet, I bet you I’ve tried it, or thought about it.

The one that has always stuck by me is, eat what you want but eat it in moderation. I know its frustrating to get a plate of food in front of you and not eat it all…so don’t put it in front of you. Put half of it in a box if you have to, but most importantly, don’t order large meals in the first place! At the moment I’m addicted to protein bars and salads. I only eat small 200 calorie snacks and small salads from work.  If i want more dressing, ill have more dressing, i just make sure it’s in my calorie range. If I’m not working I’ll make an omelette. Yummers!   Oh and of course water.  If you don’t drink a lot of water like me, I’m pretty sure, after getting a good healthy lifestyle going, you’ll feel very dehydrated and in need of some.  

Getting onto my motivation to keep it up, i use a thing called Fitbit. I don’t think I could express my love for this thing enough. It not only logs my calories, it counts my steps, helps me challenge my friends, keep track of my workouts, uses a GPS to track hikes, motivates me to drink water, syncs up to my scales to log my weight loss/gain and there are so many other features to use! I love this thing, but I do recommend you think about which one you get before you purchase! I went through quite a few before i found the one. I use a Charge 2 and it’s great.  

Another great saying I heard the other day was ‘Don’t go to the gym and go home to ruin all your hard work with bad food, it’s counter productive’. 

Well, until tomorrow! Goodnight. 

Peace out, yo.


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