If I Was a Finacial Advisor…

If I was a finacial advisor I would advise the following:

1. Take a look at your monthly payments.  For example, are you paying for the following: car insurace, car payments, health insurance, phone bill, phone insurance, rent, gym membership, pet insurance, netflix, etc etc… When calculating this, don’t add any of your debts to the list (no credit cards etc). I actually pay for everything on this list and added altogether it comes to a grand total of $1,165. Not bad. 

2. Work out how you will pay your bills.  If you get a check monthly this will be easy for you than it is for me.  If it is the same every month it’ll be even easier.  If it is the same all you need to do is take away the total of the money you need for bills from your check.  What do you have left? Save that amount for later steps. If the amount you make changes every month, figure out a minimum income you think you make and take your bills away from that amount. Money left? Save for later steps. Finally, if you make money daily/weekly/biweekly, like me, you’ll have to figure out how much of each increment you want to put back for bills.  For example, My biweekly check I take a 168 and put into bills. I then estimate my daily tip average/minimum to about 50 a work shift. So to make up the remainder of my bills I put 200 a week of tips back. Thats 4 working shifts a week.  

3.What to do with the extra cash? Now it’s time to look at what debts you need to pay. Grab some envelopes and write down each one.  Examples: credit card, borrowed money, debt collector stuff etc. Put on each envolope the amount you need to save to pay it off. Put your envolopes in priority order. Say to yourself that you will use half of the extra cash you make and put it into the envolopes until they are paid off. The other half of the extra cash is for what ever you want. If you are really knuckling down then you could put 100% into savings but don’t forget you need gas, food etc so make sure you are taking care of yourself too!

Obviously things arent as easy as what I wrote but if you have any questions that I can maybe help with let me know. I am not a professional but with money I am pretty on it haha. 

Peace out, yo.


Vacations and Money

I guess I’m finally realizing the amount of things I’ve said yes to this year… to say the least, I’m terrified and excited at the same time. 

Not only do my boyfriend and i have 3 vacations being planned, but we are also going to 3 weddings.  Im pretty certain there will be small random camping trips in the midst of this year too. 

Where am I going? What am I doing?

As of now we have 3 weddings, all in different places but thankfully 2 of them are near by.  My best friend is coming from England and meeting us in Florida for her wedding! Pretty damn exciting to be able to see another one of my besties tie the knott. 

The vacation parts are obviously Florida, Arizona and possibly the Yosemite. If you have tried to book the Yosemite before you should know how difficult it is, so not only are we dealing with money saving but also trying to book the damn sites. My other bestie from England is joining us for that trip too which is awesome. 

I’m scared because I always feel like I’m catching up on myself for savings and money related stuff, so to literally put a 3rd away of all my income towards vacations and weddings is a scary thought.  

Right now I’m on a money saving mission.  I refuse to go out with friends because I’m usually the one who pays (100% my fault). This has actually benefited on my diet too. I’ve also knuckled down on spending money on stupid stuff from wallmart. Bad habits. 

Today is actually my payday and I’m excited because 100% of my paycheck goes towards either a bill, or savings account.  You may remember that I’m a server too so my tips get given to me on a daily, which also, unless I have something I’m in desperate need of (usually food related or gas money), ill put all of that money away too.

As of now, for some of you this will sound miniscule, but I have put away 100 in each of my savings accounts.  This is before my paycheck today too. It really does make me feel great to be saving.  I often just log into my bank on my app just to look and be proud of myself.  Weird I  know.  

I really wanted my posts to benefit people in a positive way and would really like some feedback on what I should talk about and if theres anything that sounds interesting to you that you need more info on. So please don’t hesitate to comment, message or contact me and I will be happy to help!

Peace out, yo.

Cheat Days Are Not Binge Days.

Good evening. 

It’s been a weird day, actually a weird start to the year.  It’s a shame I can’t rant on here about the happenings, but let’s just say Monday blues got me down everyday. 

So, how do I come to work with a positive, happy mindset? Because let’s be honest, working in the service industry means we have to put on an act to convince people we are the happiest people alive.  The only way I can ever tell if I am coming across like this is when my tips reflect positively. 

The truth is, to my coworkers, I most likely come across as negative, moody and frustrated.  I know though, that my guests don’t see that side.  It’s practically the same for every server in my opinion, mainly because it’s so tiring to keep smiling for 3-6 hours straight.  

I really don’t know what keeps me going… maybe it’s the Rockstar… or maybe it’s more the fact I’m going to burn my anger of at the gym and feel good again.  

I just thought, I havent updated you guys on how well I’ve been doing.  Not very good right now is the analysis.  I lost 19 (not 20) lbs so far. My original weight was 175 and I got down to 156. Pretty exciting huh? So exciting in fact that I decided it was a great idea to have 2 cheat days. Not regular cheat days either, the kind where you eat a million things and gain 2lbs each meal kind of cheat day.  So I’m pretty sure I’m back to 160, which sucks.  I really need to treat dieting like my money.  Save it until my vacations.  THATS IT! What a great idea… it’ll be my reward after losing what I want to loose. I eventually want to get down to 140, with everything toned. So I guess that being said, lets loose another 20lbs! I got this! 

Right now my routine has got to this;

1.Walk 3 miles with puppy at 7am-8am

2. Go to work

3. Go to gym, do either leg, arm or ab workout and 45min cardio

4. Go home, clean.

5. Complete 30min of Yoga.

6. Sleep.

Great routine right?? Just need to convince my brain its a good idea to eat right too. Like really brain? You have to know by now that cheat days don’t mean binge everything and regret your decisions later.

Sleep well young souls.

Peace out, yo.

5 Important Things About Anxiety

Slowing down on my posts recently because I said everything all at one time and stopped having things to say!

My post today is about dealing with anxiety. I won’t go too much into detail, but here are some things I think are important to know.

1. Having anxieties are normal.  They really are, everyone has them and everyone has different ones at different intensities. It’s really important to know this because if you suffer with some sort of anxiety and you think you know exactly what it’s like to have anxiety, then you are wrong.  See, you may suffer with a panic attack disorder, which means you can’t breathe, need time to sit, feel like you’re dying and that the world is crumbling down around you.  The person next to you though is suffering with OCD (which also has unique and different tendencies), where they either feel like everything needs to be clean, they themselves need to be clean, everything needs to have a place, so on and so forth. As I said, different. That being said, if you do have some sort of anxiety and someone is trying to help you deal with it by using their experiences, it is pretty important to listen to them.  They may have something that will work for you too and although they may not understand completely what you are going through, they have definitely felt similar.

2. Be patient.  If you have a friend with anxiety or depression it’s important you are there when they need you and you are patient.  They may do things you don’t understand.  For example, they may have a job that involves talking to people all day, but when you invite them out they say no because of their social anxiety. This isn’t them making up excuses. Try to understand why exactly they don’t want to go and work with it.  If you really are their friend, you will figure out a way to hang or be social with them, in a way they feel comfortable. 

3. Be proud. Tell your friend that you are amazed at how far they’ve come, encourage them and be connected with them. I have a great friend that does this for me a lot. She recognises the stuff I’ve achieved and congratulates me in a way that encourages me to continue. 

4. Its not attention seeking. These anxieties are not attention seeking. Although some may bring attention to themselves while it is happening, it definitely does not benefit the person involved to be noticed doing what they are doing. I do not find comfort in people coddling me when I am having a panic attack. I am hyperventilating unattractively, turning pale and crying.  Gross.

5. This is not a one time thing.  We also won’t grow out of it (I’m sure there are some cases where they do). This goes for those with them or trying to help someone with them. Unfortunately it doesnt go away overnight. We have to live with it everyday. So if you are one of those people who comment saying “oh gosh, not again” then please kindly step out of our lives.  Remember, this isnt a choice. 

I hope this post comes in handy for you and helps you realize, you are not alone. 

Peace out, yo.

Remember Your Achievements

Literally forcing myself to write something today because all thats on my mind is our dog. I guess writing about her or even talking about her brings me this stress of not being there when it happened or bringing back the memories of seeing the lacerations etc. For those of you who don’t know, Mini, our rat terrier mix got into a brawl with our other dog, which happens to be a chocolate lab. Mini didn’t win and in turn had to go to the emergency vet for surgery because the lacerations around her neck were so bad. 

I think, honestly, thats all I want to touch on about that today. As I said, talking and discussing the happenings of that night really does bring back bad stress. 

One thing before I leave this topic is that, family can be very important in these times. My father and step mum were there for us 100% and I can’t thank them enough. When things like this happen it brings everyone around you closer, for support and strength. So hold on to the ones you love, they will always be there for you and its important that you let them. 

Also don’t forget insurance guys. You have no idea what you’re in for when getting a pet until something like this happens.

Gym, gym, gym. Got to say with everything thats been going on I am going strong at the gym still. I’m happy to say I am not struggling with my strength training anymore. My circuits are becoming easier, which I guess means I should increase some weights. Its leg day today, which scares me after the last time when I killed them. 

I almost made it a whole gym session with shorts on the day before yesterday! Proud moment. I’m constantly worrying about what I look like, so I ended up taking them off, but I did have them on for half of the time I was in there! The fact my legs jiggle when I’m running (even though its totally normal) just freaks me out. I’m sure I’ll get over this hurdle of self confidence soon. 

I’ve also managed to run my fastest this week at a level 7.1 on the treadmill. I did it for a few minutes and even had my friend record me haha. Things like this help me remember that I am improving… that even though I am harsh on myself the majority of the time, that I am doing so much better than what I started with a few months ago. 

Just keep remembering the things you’ve achieved guys, don’t be hard on yourself, and keep it up! You’ll reach your goal soon enough!

Peace out, yo!

  The British Rant

I’ve been debating whether to write this or not, just because I know so many people do it and it may offend? Just know thats not my intention before reading. These are just observations and real life conversations. 

Being from England and living in San Diego is simply four things. Amazing, irratating, eye-opening and culturally difficult.

It only really hit me when I started working at my first restaurant. I would open my mouth for one simple ‘hello’ and would get instant attention. Whether it was as simple as “nice accent” or as confusing as “what part of Australia are you from?”. 

I think one situation that still sticks out to this day was when I was shopping at my local mall and met a gentleman selling jewellery. I asked him if he had any ‘stretchers’, looking at me confused I repeated myself, then to be interrupted by my bestie to correct me. “She means a gauge”. Naturally eyerolling, I nodded. He then proceeds to laugh and say “thats a good one, you’ve even got the lingo down”…. excuse me, what? My friend and I looked at each other confused, which he then proceeds to ask for ‘proof’ that I am really from England. I humored the poor guy and gave him my English ID, he apologized and began to explain this confusing scenario. Aparently it wasnt a rare situation that American girls would pretend and put on a ridiculous accent. It certainly baffled me why anyone would want to do it. We ended up deciding it was because English people sound more attractive and they somehow believed they weren’t attractive enough. Ha. 

So now, not only do I get it when I am out and about, I get it at work. Some days I don’t mind it, and somedays it gets on my nerves! Here are a list of things would say to me:

“Where are you from?” – this is the most acceptable question to ask me in my opinion. It isn’t getting too personal and it isn’t assuming or rude.

“Why are you here?” – why do you need to know this? To be honest, now I am a bartender and have a lot of regulars, so this question is a hit and miss. If I have been talking to you for awhile and you think you’d like to get to know me a little more, than this question is acceptable, but if you’ve just met me? Not sure I am ok with sharing my personal reasoning for moving across the world… on another note, for those of you who want to know, the only answer I am giving is “because I wanted to”.

“Are you on a work visa?” – ??? Why?

“What part of England are you from?” – acceptable and most common.

“What part of Australia are you from?” – no, no and NO.

“Do you like sharks?” – WHAT?!

“Are you from South Africa?” – *eye rolling*

“Are you from New Jersey?” – ….

“How long ago did you move here?” – common also and acceptable but also annoying. Its annoying cause I KNOW they are asking me because they either don’t believe I am from the UK or they think I am loosing my accent so they are trying to figure out if their mums, best friends, uncles, daughter is going to loose it too!

“Do you like tea?” – no I don’t, why? Are you ordering one or not?

“Say *insert corny British commerical shown on American TV*” – eugh, leave me alone.

“Do you like Harry Potter?” – yes, why? Did a new movie come out?!

I respect people so much for the courage to ask some of the questions that they do. Just understand, if you are asking a British person something personal, while they are working, you are going to slowly drive them up the wrong wall. 

Love you really, you Yankees… I mean, Americans đŸ˜›

Peace out, yo.
Oh and just a heads up. Mr Barnaby gets a little thanks and mention for this blog for the status he wrote a couple months ago. Made me want to write a full rant haha. 

Random Shenanigans 

I was struggling about what to talk about this morning…

So I guess this is going to be a random mess of everything I’m thinking off. 

I have two days (today and tomorrow) before my rest day, and to say the least I’m excited. Literally all people are saying to me is either a damand on me taking a break on working out or to take a rest day, so there you go, Monday I will do it! I find it a tiny bit irratating when you have done your research, you know what you’re doing, and people still want to tell me what to do with my time.  I feel like some people should be proud of me. I have managed to do the following:

1. Start my healthy lifestyle at Christmas

2. Start when my period started 

3. Stick to such a healthy diet and routine that I’ve lost almost 18lbs

4. Say no to alot of temptations, including going out with friends to bars and eating bad food

5. Power through leg pain and still go to the gym

6. Go to the gym for atleast 12 hours a week

It may seem like a lot, but if I want to achieve the things I want to, then doing what I am doing is going to get me there! Someone also mentioned yesterday when I was venting about this stuff that some people may feel threatened or jealous that I am working out. By this she meant that when a regular human being turns round to me and tells me they started working out and I say I am too, and that I’m going 12 times a week, that it makes them feel like they aren’t doing enough themselves.  I just want to emphasize that if you are going to the gym at any point during the week and working out then you are amazing. It is more than ALOT of people do and you should be proud of yourself! Don’t let my crazy workouts scare you! I want to be this active and its my choice. You do what you want to your body and be proud of what you achieve, no matter how small!

I’m excited to announce that I will be taking two vacations this year! I refuse to not have sufficient funds to have fun there too. We are trying to go to Florida and the Yosemite. A few of my good friends from England will be joining us for either one and I am sooooo happy. It’s already turning out to be a good year.

Maybe I’ll talk more about vacation plans next time when I have confirmed more information! 

Anyway, back to my morning workout.

Peace out, yo.